D. Yusko Photography, LLC | About
My name is Darnetta Yusko and I would like to welcome you to the site. I have always had a passion for photography ever since I was 10 years old. My first camera was manual Kodak 35mm. Now as an adult, I tend to carry my Nikon with me all the time. Having four children, I never want to miss the opportunity to capture a memory or even a beautiful sunset. I always want to capture the moment and not the stiffness of a pose. To me, this is what captures personalities. In addition, I have a love for natural light. I love the way it captivates the sky and radiates through the clouds. Therefore, I love to shoot outdoors even on a cloudy day. When I am behind my camera, I am an artist. My subject (you) is my inspiration, the light is my paint, and the camera is my brush. The rarity I am not behind my camera, you will find me in the kitchen baking with my kids, helping my husband in the shop, or finding solitude on my yoga mat.

One of the greatest honors a photographer has is the ability to give someone a 'memory', a lasting moment in time that they can cherish for years to come and possibly pass along through the generations. Not everyone can take a memorable picture. But I do not believe it justifies charging an arm and a leg for even the smallest print.

I cherish this responsibility, and always strive to give everyone the highest quality images I am capable of at the most affordable price. If you become a client, you become a friend, and that friendship is very important to me.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my memories and I hope to help you capture yours!