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Darnetta, Give Me the Details!!!


Sitting Fee

Option #1:  There is a $75 sitting fee due at the time of Photo Session.  This includes all sales tax.  Plus, I will include an 8x10 and two 5x7s for your time as well. This is a $25 value.  You choose the pose!  You have the option of purchasing more prints later. 


Option #2:  Or for $195, I will include the sitting fee and all of your edited images on a CD/DVD with all printing rights and use on social media without watermarking. Prices subject to change.


I love shooting outdoors and using the natural light. As I get to know you, we will find the
perfect location that fits your personality and interest.


You tell me. Do you like more natural photos with kids playing and folks interacting? Are
your favorites those with everyone looking at the camera with their eyes twinkling? Have you
ever considered action shots? Don’t worry, we will talk it over and I am sure that I’ll take lots
of pictures for you and your family to choose your favorites.


Time Frame
Please set aside one to two hours for a photo session. This should include any travel time.


You should wear what you like and what feels most comfortable. You always have the option
for a wardrobe change.


If you have something in mind, BRING IT! Pets are certainly members of your family too.
Maybe your favorite guitar defines your personality. For the little child that is attached to his
or her favorite blanket, I encourage you to bring it. I promise they will not take it to college if
you do.


Special Events
Engagements, Baptisms, Communions, Quiencerrias, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Dance Recitals, Pregnancy,
Confirmations, Birthdays, Anniversary Parties, Family Reunions, Graduation Parties, Prom,
or that new puppy. I would love to help you capture the memories of that special day.




Do you have a business you would like to showcase and need pictures for your website or marketing materials.                                               Contact me directly and I work with you on a package that meets all of your business


Attention Moms & Dads
Moms and Dads hate being photographed. Give it up. You are beautiful and handsome!! You
are not fat and your hair looks fine. Think of how special it will be in 10 years to have
pictures with your family.


Senior Portraits
I love to photograph Seniors. Bring out the outfits, funny props and pets.


I know once again they dragged you kicking and screaming for family pictures but this time it
is going to be FUN! No more boring studios. I understand that sometimes it takes time for
you to warm up (or lots of bribes). My other job is a mom of 4 children. I am very patient.


Holiday Cards
I am a Holiday card junky! I love taking the photos, assisting you in finding the perfect
template for the photo, and I love love love receiving them. Put me on your list and I’ll put
you on mine.


Creative vs. It’s all Relative
I may ask you to run down the middle of a path, climb up a tree, act silly, do a cart-wheel or
(gasp) and kiss your spouse. Never fear, I will ask nicely and it will all be over soon.


I can’t wait to get to know yours. My goal is to capture yours in your session so let’s relax and
have some FUN!



D. Yusko Photography, LLC